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iMarket Business Support is a full-service digital marketing agency providing ROI based services. We are a service-based startup founded with the aim to make new age digital marketing services accessible to all businesses regardless of their campaign size or budget.

01 —


Fazzali “Elite Women Fashion Brand” With More Than 8 Branches In Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrin, Saudia And United Arab Of Emirates.

We Started Our Journey With Them When They Need To Increase Their Publicity, Spreading And Sales

Our Scope Of Work Started On Sep 2020 With Strategic Digital Marketing Plan, Digital Activities, Online Store And Digital Moderation And Sales Panel

We Succeed To Reach Our Goals Through Different Social Media Channels Plans That We Set For This Account.

Now Fazzali Is One Of Our Success Story, And We Are Proud To Serve Them

02 —

iKlinik Stores

Iklinik Is An Apple Products And Services Provider. They Are Located In 6 October With One Branch. They Also Have An Online Store That Sells Products And You Can Book Any Online Service They Have Through It.
Such An Account Needs A Right Target Audience To Achieve Results.

So, We Made A Deep Analysis For The Marketplace And Right Interests For Audience Until We Succeed To Reach The Target Kpis

So We Worked On More Than One Plan To Achieve Results Through Social Media Channels And Plan To Increase Conversion Rate On Website Purchase.

Our Social Plan Depend On Specific Posting Methodology With Specific Techniques To Engage With People And For The Online Store We Settled A Plan With Google Ads With Specific Keywords To Achieve Our Kpis. Now Iklinik Become A Happy Customer And We Are Honored To Serve Them

03 —


Location is an auto service center. It was one of our great challenges as it provides different services and targets different levels of people because every car owner needs an auto service center. So, we need to settle on a suitable tone of content that convinces different target levels of people. Finally we overcame that by hard work on such an obstacle and we achieved our KPIs at the end.

04 —

Al Raslan

Al Raslan is one of the leading companies in the field of carpet care. They were in the starting phase when they started marketing with us.

They target level A and A+ in specific areas in Cairo which make it difficult to reach audiences with narrow potential reach because of the small areas that they serve.

Now, Al Raslan had a very well known brand in New Cairo and other districts

05 —


Innovation is an advertising agency with well known clients They work in creating events booths, Vinyl, Cladding facades, Billboards, and Road Ads. They start working with us since 2018.

Firstly, They need to make their name known for people who search for advertising agencies, so we made a branding plan to help them to reach their target audience.

Secondly, after the success in the first phase, they need to increase their sales and their brand name in the field of advertising .

So, we worked on different plan depending on branding and sales.
We succeeded in achieving their target and brought to them high level clients as police stations, Banks, and Restaurants.

We are proud to serve such client.

06 —


Dorra is a dental clinic owned by Dr. Mostafa and his wife. They started their marketing journey with us since first day of their clinic, because they believe in our tactics and strategies.

We start by making market research and analysis to decide the right track which will be useful for such field. We began to offer recommendations for their pricing model according to their phase and their place. Now, Dorra Clinic is an up and running successful clinic and we are happy to serve them.

07 —

Homes Fashion

Homes Fashion is a startup online store that sells everything related to home appliances, decor, and fabrics. We start a Full Marketing Plan that depends on different directions, Sales and Branding. So, we worked firstly in two directions, one for leads and online orders to increase conversion rate. And the other is creating the brand name and increasing its reach between those interested in those products. Homes Fashion their sales leads increase every month, So we consider them as a partner for us in success.

08 —

Alpha Matar

Alpha Matar is one of our clients that we honored to work with. Alpha Matar is one of the leading companies in the field of elevators and escalators.

They had a long and great history in that field and their portfolio is filled with branded names such as Hyper One, MIU, Rich Bake, etc.
Mr. Ahmed Matar (CEO) came to us to build and increase the reach of its brand name and make a full branding plan.

We started our journey with them by creating high level and elegant designs fit with the A and A+ audiences.
After the success of the branding plan, the client asks to start a sales plan so we start working on it and achieve magnificent results also.

Alpha Matar is now considered a success partner.

09 —

My Foundation Construction

My Foundation Construction is a fit out and interior design company. They target B2B and B2C clients (companies and residential)

We start work with them 2021 and we agreed with them to get direct sales through the sales plan and indirect sales through the branding plan.

We focused on creating different tone of language that fit with homeowners and business owners.

The client observed high engagement with inquiries form users since the first day, So, My Foundation Construction is an existing client till now.

10 —


nAVI is a mobile application that includes many services such as renting and selling cars, searching for auto service centers, offers for fixing cars, etc. nAVI is considered to be the first application for any car services in the Middle east.

So, we were having a great challenge to deliver the idea to the audience, then to create the need for the application, then to make the user take the action and download the application.

So, we have more than one stage to build the brand awareness then make people know application features to download it.

Then we create a marketing plan for all these stages.

Now, nAVI has more than 10K downloads on Google Play Store.